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Patio Garden, Mount Merion

Style: Urban contemporary patio

Size: Approx. 40 square metres

Features: Raised planters, specimen Japanese maple tree, containers

A client brief was to have formal textural planting fallowing contemporary architecture of the house extension.  Strong clean lines dictated some uniform planting like sweet box hedge and use of strong architectural plants.

Full windows looking out to the garden requested planting to be visual almost like a picture.

The beautiful Japanese maple, Acer palmatum acts as a focal point. Japanese maples are small, deciduous trees grown for their graceful habit, autumn colour and beautiful foliage which are coloured and deeply dissected. Many acers grow extremely slowly and are perfect in a smaller garden, grown in large containers.

Phormiums planted in containers are evergreen perennials forming large clumps of erect sword-like leaves up to 1 metres in height or more. They give good structure for patio planting.

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