Svaja Vaicula
Planting Designer
Garden Caretaker

I'm a  Garden Designer working in Co-Creation of gardens in harmony with Nature.

Each garden must be treated as a separate entity.

My method of garden design is helping you - a guardian of your land - in creation of a balanced ecosystem, but the most  important part of the process is establishing a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with your land.

You are making this garden for you and your family, and your family includes the land.

Happy gardening

 Dancing Gardens are bringing two passions together: Dancing and Gardening! One is complimenting another.

 ''By listening carefully and allowing the land to become an extention of ourselves, we can interpret its energy and enable it to emerge through a creative, colloborative process. Its growth becomes a synchronistic dance that pulls you more deeply each day into healing embrace with the Earth. ''

                                                               Mary Reynolds