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Style: Suburban cottage

Size: Approx 200 square meters

Features: Rose garden, cottage planting, sandstone patio, upper terrace with mature oak trees.


This suburban garden was created from scratch by a very keen gardener who put so much loving work and passion in his time. Every plant has a history and is a gift from fellow gardeners or grown from cuttings taken on his family travels.

When we took over the care of this place, the garden was really overgrown. Ivy and some large shrubs were overtaking most space in the beds. Our clients brief was to bring colour and variety back with herbaceous flowers and new pretty shrubs.

The garden consists of a front garden rose borders and back garden patio area where most of the perennial flowers are thriving in the sunny and semi shade borders. The patio area is a great suntrap ideal to enjoy lunch in the garden. The steps are leading to an upper terrace garden area dedicated to vegetable growing and soft fruit plants and more naturalistic planting. Two mature oaks are left from the old hedge creating dappled shade for some parts of this area.

The garden is ever changing.

Cottage Garden, Cabinteely

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