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Bloom in the Park 2013

Eco Tango Garden ​

 It’s an eco fun garden - a dancing and dining sustainable outdoor living space.

The concept of the design is to create a self sustainable garden where we can grow our food and have lots of fun. We’re eating, playing, exercising and dancing Tango in our garden!

We are taking a holistic approach to the gardening. It is important because we need to consider all the needs of humans and plants in order to achieve the good health and happy environment that we all desire.

In our fresh approach to sustainable garden design we’re delivering a stylish garden that uses resources efficiently, saving time, money, effort and materials reusing them in a creative way. 

An important part of our sustainable garden design relates to the way we manage rainwater. In our garden, rainwater is harvested using the canopy. It is then directed to different parts of the garden. Some is collected, some goes directly to irrigate the plants, while the excess is soaked away.

In our planting scheme we are using aesthetic pleasing, edible and medicinal plants. We have chosen a dominant white flower colour scheme for its healing properties with some red flowers for interest and contrast.

Silver Medal and Best in Category

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