'A View Askew Garden' Bloom 2008

Style: Conceptual space

Size: 5 x 5m

Awards: Silver medal

‘A View Askew’ garden provides a fresh and fun look at gardening today. Inspiration has been derived from childhood memories of bare feet in sand, lying back on the grass gazing up at the sky to playing visual games with the landscape. In this design, plants and materials are used to create a mischievous amalgam of perspective, lines and views. As in the story of Alice in Wonderland experience the wonder of a change in perception through playful juxtaposition of the vertical and horizontal. The brightly coloured panels are inspired by thoughts of peering through a looking glass and magically changing the view by just turning your head. Both plants and hard materials are toyed with and the garden lovingly invite you to relive childhood memories through the experience of these curious illusions.

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